Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All things Bright & Beautiful!

A beautiful morning in Switzerland - View from my train

Years ago I had written down a song in my scrapbook. It was a hymn which we sometimes used to sing at school morning prayer. It was called - "All things bright and beautiful."  I had pasted pictures of beautiful places, dresses, cakes, dolls etc alongside it. I smiled at my then list of things which made me happy. 

As I was going through the rest of my scrapbook, I suddenly had a question for myself -  What is my current list of "bright & beautiful"? What are the things which generally brighten up my day? As I began prodding myself further, I was amazed at what I discovered. It turned out that my list was disarmingly simple! Here it is:

1.     A simple smile 
2.     Delicious food
3.     Speaking to a close family member or friend
4.     Old letters from family and friends
5.     Beautiful mornings and Warm evenings
6.     Pictures from various travels with friends and family
7.     The smell of a new book
8.     Sinking feet in the wet sand by the beach
9.     Fragrance of a flower
10.  Experiencing a flight take-off by the window seat
11.  Getting a good bargain while shopping 

I think I am still adding on to this list, but these were the first few I could think of! Have you made your list of "ATBB" - All things bright & beautiful? If not, then I highly recommend it. It opened my eyes to the perspective that how easy it is to be truly happy! Share your ideas here and lets spread the joy!
As I had mentioned earlier in one of my posts, 

"Remember, it is not really difficult to become happy. It is just that we forget to do so!"

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