Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 ways to remain happy on Monday to Thursday & Sunday

Do you find the title strange? Why would someone talk about being happy on selected days. Reason - people find it relatively easier to remain upbeat on Friday and Saturday. Today I will give you some quick ways to find bliss on those days when you are generally counting the number of hours left for Friday evening!

1. Spend a little money 

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness, didn't know where to go shopping" said an American actress years ago. I agree. Although it is not the only source, there is no doubt that money can get you bliss from time to time. There are endless possibilities and an endless budget if you think in broader terms. But to buy a few moments of smile during a heavy week can be surprisingly inexpensive. Buy a bunch of flowers or a house plant and adorn your living room. Buy that yummy blueberry muffin you have been avoiding, from the bakery on the way home. It can be anything which you have been thinking of getting for a long time!

2. Play a sport

It is good exercise, good recreation, a good way of catching up with friends and an excellent way to recharge yourself mentally. Playing a sport adds a little bit of verve to the week. Take out an hour every week for any game of your choice - Squash, Badminton, Pool etc. Join a team or league. Soon it will be something you will be eagerly looking forward to!

3. Cook a dinner

As someone who loves cooking and does it day and night, I vouch for it. There are few things more rewarding than having a home cooked, delicious and aromatic food, made with carefully picked ingredients and spices. Add colours and flavours. Experiment and use your imagination to come up with something which you have not tried before!

4. Phone a Friend

Although usually we leave such 'errands' for the weekend, try this out on a weekday. Just pick up your phone and call a friend from school or university you have not talked to in a while. Just refreshing those wonderful memories and having a laugh will leave with a great feeling! 

5. Write your journal

Although it does not sound as much fun as the other four, retrospection during a week will definitely bring more value and meaning to your days. Write down about anything which made you smile, anything which you are grateful for, or anything which you are glad you did or did not! Make a collection of moments and memories and update it every week! Just going through it once every week will only take 10 minutes but the joy will last for 10 days!

"Remember, it is not really difficult to become happy. It is just that we forget to do so!"

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