Friday, June 17, 2011

Are you ready.....for a CHANGE? dear friends! First of all, apologies for not having added anything new to the tapestry for a long time.  I have now moved to Hong Kong and so the last couple of weeks were extremely hectic, moving and settling down in the new place. Yeah, everything is different – new city, new home, new people, new language and a new me! Everything has changed! The question is, am I ready for this change!

Moving and adjusting to a new city is not a new phenomenon in my life, however every time it occurs, it adds a completely different perspective to my persona and to my life. As a kid when I changed cities, it was all about changing schools, making new friends all over again, learning a new language etc. My concerns appeared to be more challenging than my parents, who had to worry about a new house, getting admissions for me and my brother into a new school, packing and unpacking etc. As I grew, the concerns translated into littlemore serious aspects like changing jobs, working with a new team etc. However, throughout the years, only one thing remained constant in my life – CHANGE! And thus, I grew to love it, be excited with it and look forward to embracing it! 

After school, the university I got into was not by my choice but by situation, only to realize later that I couldn’t have been happier at any other place. I have been a day scholar throughout and never took to hostel life as I couldn’t afford to miss the luxuries of being at home, only to discover (after being married to a student studying and staying at IIM Bangalore) that life couldnt be the same without experiencing the hostel nightouts. I hated when my alarm went on at 8 AM, only to see the beauty of the rising sun, because now  I have to get up at 5:30 AM. I used to be scared of heights and would never go the balcony of my friends appartment on the 10th floor, only to realize two days back, that the view from the 22nd Floor window of my hotel room is simply mind-blowing! With each changed situation, I had something to learn. Some people prefer to call these incidents unexpected or unwanted changes. I, on the other hand, prefer to call them as “Serendipity”! 

I think its upto us, how to react when the road called life presents us with a change at the next exit! Are we ready to take the new road or do we wish to take a U-turn and go back to the familiar route? Do we want to remain in the comfort zone or go ahead and let interesting accidents of change happen to you? I say, take a chance and face the change! You never know whats in store for you!

I know its going to be a different day tomorrow than what it was exactly a week ago! I know that when I wake up, I will not be seeing the green leaves of gulmohar through my window and I will miss that. But I know that I will see magnificent tall skyscrapers of HongKong outlining the sky. Its different. And I am loving it!!


Anonymous said...

The sentiments put into words. Brilliant and a commendable effort. Though I enjoyed ur earlier blog better. Keep up the good work.
All the best for a new life at Hongking where change is the only the constant thng to give u company apart from ur friends, relatives and well wishers in India...

S.R.Ayyangar said...

Every time we face a CHANGE in life , one feel jittery but once adopted to changes, life becomes easy. Unfortunately, what is happening is we are not able to change and this creates a road block.

Sonshu said...

Change is something that happens and change cannot be stopped or prevented. Change actually brings about a flow in life. :)

Very well written

Zeal said...

A constant change to keep the change constant!
Congratulations and Good luck on the new chapter :)

Nidhi Kush said...

@Anonymous - Thank you for your feedback and best wishes...Am glad that you enjoyed reading the articles!

@Mr. Ayyangar - Very rightly said Sir! When we are not able to accept the change it becomes a road block! Thank you for your feedback. Went through your blog and loved reading the article about LOFT! :)

@Sonshu - Thank you for your feedback! :)

@Zeal - very well said....A constant change to keep the change Constant....I like the line! And thank you for your best wishes too! :)