Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Aliens Speak

I had written this poem when I was in Std. 12 to express my views on something which I feel strongly about - Nature!

The Aliens Speak

Once upon a time on this planet
Lived some strange creatures,
They could eat and walk and talk like us,
And possessed beautiful features.

They called themselves Homo sapiens,
And to us they referred as ‘aliens’.
Some of them thought we were mere imagination,
And our existence was always a question.

They were proud of something they had, called ‘brain’,
Which they wasted away in vain!
As they were the cause of their own destruction,
War! Explosion! War! Explosion!

Since the time of their evolution,
They started the deadly pollution!
The planet turned from green to brown,
The beautiful nature began to frown!

The deep blue sky soon lost its colour
There was no winter; There was no summer.
The perennial brooks became thirsty,
Tired they looked, dry and rusty.

All this didn’t give them satisfaction,
For this it seems, was only a fraction!
What happened next was more terrible,
Incredulous?? Or Incredible??

The planet was now in a pathetic state,
Where people only knew how to hate.
Revenge, revolution and ego clash.
The result was Ash and Ash.

 Everyday a different war,
It spread like a disease without a cure.
Everyday few hundreds died!
Everyday few hundreds cried!

 And finally there came an end
To this ugly and horrendous trend
Cause there was no one left to die,
And there was no one left to cry!!

They neither lost, they neither won!
But they definitely left a lesson!
So that we don’t repeat what they have done,
So that we don’t repeat what they have done!! 


Maulin Vora said...

Nyce one.... :)

Nidhi Kush said...

Thank you Maulin! :)

Maulin Vora said...

I jus observed that a tree on the road near my house was cut down a day before... maybe it was for widening the road tho they may hv been able to do it by keeping the tree as it is.... i was instantly reminded of ur poem... i guess ur poem does hv an effect ;)

Nidhi Kush said...

@Maulin - Hey that is really a very inspiring comment! Thank you so much for your appreciation! :)