Sunday, February 20, 2011


Saying "Good-Bye" to my loved ones, is something which I have always found extremely difficult. And as my parting words for the memorable time, the beautiful IIM-Bangalore campus, and the most awesome friends I made there, I have penned down the following. 

As I started writing this email today, 
I could not think of words to say.
I came here a year back, unknown to this place,
With my husband, a handbag and a big suitcase. 
I had thought I was going to miss my friends and home,
And would spend most of my time, all alone.
However as time passed and days went by, I began to see,
I loved my room and the window with a view of the tree. 
The beautiful campus with morning green and evening hue
But most importantly, my friend it was you.
You made me a part of this campus life,
And not like just a fellow-student's wife.
Dinners, parties and movie nights, 
Smiles, tears and silly fights.
The ups and downs you saw me through,
This life was like a dream come true. 
And now its time to say goodbye
And a tear trickles down my eye
Friends, I love you all and be well,
Are the words I say, as I bid farewell. 

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