Monday, December 12, 2011

Reflections 2011 - Part 2; Ways to say Goodbye to 2011

Hi again!

I hope all of you enjoyed reading the first in the series of Reflections 2011. Well, I can tell you that I definitely enjoyed writing it because it brought back all the wonderful memories of 2011.

Today, continuing this a little further, I am going to write about the ways I have thought of, to end this year meaningfully and well, interestingly!

1. Thank you 2011-  Thinking about all the special, happy, funny memories of 2011, I realized how none of it would have happened without all the other people who made it happen. The interesting thing to note is that I was not alone in any of my happy memory and I can bet  that if you try and remember any of  yours, you would not be in it alone too! So, why not take out a minute to say thank you and show our gratitude to all the people who made our year wonderful. Tell them how much they mean to you! In the end, it is not about adding more friends on Facebook, but it is about adding more friendship to your existing friends.

2. Dreams 2012 -  I have always been a big believer in following one's own dreams and wishes. And although I have unlimited dreams, every year I try to fulfill some of them. And let me tell you something, it is working! Slowly and steadily, I am getting there! Things which make me happy are truly coming true! Isn't it amazing!

I know that it is not possible all the time to get everything that you want! However, we do not need to get everything at the same time.  Let us make it simple! This is what I do. Every year I write down at least 5 dreams, which I think I want, to come true in the coming year. And the target is to achieve at least 3 of them! Better still, write down 10. You have a greater sample to choose from. And then when you know that you just have to achieve 3 out of those 10, it does not look all that difficult at all!

So open your diaries, journals or laptops and write down these things which you think you want in 2012. And write down that you are going to get at least three of them. Start with the ones which you think are most feasible, but be reminded that life is indeed full of surprises and it will present you with something you never expected, but always wanted!

3. Challenges 2012 - I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions! For starters,  I don't like anything binding. For me, I need adventure, spontaneity and surprises to live my life and not a 12 month agenda telling me what I should do! So I hardly make new year resolutions! However, what I do is that I think of a few challenges which I would like to throw upon myself for the next year! So, think of something. Something which you have contemplated doing, but never got to! Something which you were scared of maybe! Or simply something which seems challenging in itself. For me Challenge 2012 is going to be, 'learning fluent Mandarin'. Yeah, that's right! And I hope that next year when I am writing Reflections 2012, I can happily put it as one of my happy moments! So, have you thought of your Challenge 2012 yet?

4. Experiences 2011 - Experiences form the major part of our memories. Whether the experience is good or bad, it will register. And although the good ones will bring smiles later, the bad ones bring with them lessons. Now that I am done writing down my 'good' experiences, I am going to write down my bad and sad ones. It is not the easiest task, I know. However, after writing the not-so-good moments down, I am also going to add what I learnt from them and how I can avoid the mistakes in the years to come. And yes, those are not going to be posted on the blog!

Okay! So now that I have made my list to do before the calendar strikes 31st December, I better get started! Do you have your list? If you have more ideas, please share! Wishing you all the best for the year end!

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Readitt said...

nice one nidhi,

one thing i shall add is to take a note of all the mistakes we did in 2011 and take care we don't do them again (the e magazine)