Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last 9 Days of 2011


How are you doing in the last week of 2011? Wow! Does it not sound a bit different when I put it like that, rather than a mere 'How are you?'

I am sure all of us are busy preparing for the big day - New Year's Eve! We have made that reservation, shopped for that perfect party look etc. All in all, we are all set to celebrate that second when the clock strikes 12!

However, have you planned anything for the last nine days of 2011, before that second comes! With so many things happening, it can be a little overwhelming and so to make it easy, let us think about what we would like to end the year with! Well, here is my list!

·     Write down at least one note, one diary entry, one letter or one page to describe whatever that you are feeling! It can be any memory of these last days which you want to stay with you forever!

·       Click! - Get your cameras ready! Whether you have a mini-pocket camera or an SLR - it doesn't matter! What we are going to capture are feelings and not the flora-fauna of Amazon forests! Take as many pictures as you can - not just of 31st evening, but anything fun which you might be doing in this week. Like dinner with friends, airport scene while taking that flight to home/holiday etc.

·         One thing for 1st Jan - Try and decide one thing which you would like to do on 1st Jan 2012, apart from getting rid of the hangover from last night! This way the celebration will not end on 31st night and you will have something good to start the new year with!

·         Connect - If you have not sent that Christmas / Year End / New Year greeting to your friends and family, do it now! Do not leave it for the last moment. Send that email/ card / or call, and now is a good time to start!

·         Traveling? - Most people I know are either taking a holiday right now or traveling to meet their family. Either way, try and take a memorable trip in the last week of 2011. Even if it is a short two day trip, I highly recommend to get out and move! You can even come back before the new year eve celebrations!

·         To-Do! - Chuck that To-Do list for a week! Don't worry about the hundred things which you might have mentioned in the list. It's the last week, so don't feel guilty about giving yourself a break! Rather, identify the few important things (like the above :) ) which you want to do and only think about completing those.

·         Celebrate - Most importantly, Celebrate! Trust me - you do not wish to end the year and begin the new year sitting on your bean-bag with popcorn watching a movie or a TV show! You can do this on any day of the year. Celebrate with  your family & friends, even if it is a dinner together - it is special!

·         Light up your room with candles, wear a new dress / jacket, go out for a special dinner or anything else which you like to do! Remember that you do not need to wait for special moments to happen to you, you can make them happen!

See you in 2012!

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