Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reflections 2011 - Part 1

 Hello my dear friends!

Wow! It has been such a long time since I posted anything on this blog and I know apologies will not be sufficient to make up for it. So I am back here with much more than just sweet sorrys.
Right now is an interesting time of the year. A mixture of holidays, Christmas cakes, sale shopping, family and friends gathering, snow, jingle bells, new year eve and new year resolutions. But welcoming the new, always means saying good bye to the previous. And that is not always easy. So, at a time when we are about to say goodbye to dear old 2011 and welcome the exciting 2012, I am going to bring for all of you a series of posts in this month. Thoughts & contemplations, tips & techniques and experiences and anecdotes for our simple souls.  

Looking back at the last eleven months of this year, what would you want to remember first. I am sure the memories that brought you smiles, laughter and of course happiness (and Facebook albums).  Can you list all the moments which made you do so? I am going to list mine. Why don't you create your own list and see how fulfilling the year will seem to you.

v    Rafting in the Ganga - Going on this fun adventure with my dear friends and diving into the cold waters of Ganga, was one of the most memorable experiences of the last year. Am not sure if it washed my sins, but definitely washed my fears away.

v    Band, Baaja & Baarat - It was definitely a year of Big Fat Indian Weddings - for both of us - Bollywood and me. Apart from the fact that I loved the movie, so many of my dear friends got married this year. Looking back, I was fortunate enough to be a part of their big day when they took their vows and promised each other a lifetime of happiness (& fights).

v    Trips with family - Once you are out of college, vacations look like a thing of fairy tales. But 2011 was kind enough to make this tale a reality. Between my last job and the move to Hong Kong, I could spend some quality time to spend with my family in my most loved city, Ahmedabad and refresh the memory of those school and college vacations. The fun picnics, playing Pictionary till late night with cousins, a trip to Bhavnagar, restaurants, movies and outings with friends, and the list is endless.

v    Moving to Hong Kong - This will remain one of the major interesting highlights of the last year. It was a huge step for my husband and me. Luckily the transition went smoothly and both of us are loving HK! Every bit of it! Everything from searching an apartment, getting our first furniture, touristy weekend outings, learning Cantonese, LKF, beaches and lots more have contributed to my 'dear-diary' moments!

v    Swimming pools and sea - After the rafting experience , I decided to get my swimming costume and get my swimming lessons! This was one of the new things I picked up (still learning actually) in this year. And with this came my first dip into the salty sea water at Shek O beach (HK). Even though I was no match for the waves, and the water flung me across different directions until my husband came to my rescue, the experience was completely exhilarating!

v    Master Chef of my kitchen -  Yes, this year also brought with it lots and lots of cooking experiments and lots of new yummy dishes which I prepared in my very own cute tiny kitchen! I love cooking and this year I took it to a new level trying different cuisines all the time, so much that I am contemplating starting a food blog in the next year! We will see!

v   Writing - Looking back, this has also been the year when I retrieved my long lost love - writing! Having a two months break between two jobs, gave me the time to re-start what I always wanted to do! Started two blogs (this one and along with some other writing projects (top secret at the moment)! However, I hope to be better in 2012 with lot more posts on my blogs and many other things (again top secret at the moment)!

These are some of the key highlights which I could remember instantly. And as you must have realized, the ones which I have noted are nothing like stepping on the moon or building a robot or traveling the Amazon forests. These are my simple joys of life, which made 2011 a special year for me! Why don't you try and remember the good, significant and special memories of your 2011. I would love to read them if you would like to share. Write these memories down and be grateful to yourself and the people who made them happen!  

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