Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whispering Trees!!

It was a day when windows rattled
And creaking doors made a noise,
And I stood under a tree, to save me from rain,
When I heard a strange voice.

It startled me and a looked behind,
But there was no one I could find.
I thought it was a silly hallucination,
And probably, my weird imagination.

But that was where, I was wrong,
And now I could hear a feeble song.
I strained my ears to hear the sound,
And was terrified at what I found……

It was a whisper from the trees,
Which gave me a shiver in my knees!
The following were the words they said,
It looked as if from a book they were read…….

“We the trees, in every season,
Serve men without any reason,
We serve them in hot; we serve them in wet,
But in return, what do we get?

Day by day our numbers decrease,
As if we are paying fees,
Of making this earth a lively place,
And adding beauty to its face.

Nature has been partial to man,
Whatever he wants to do, he can.
But we can neither move nor walk,
Nor to express ourselves, can we talk.

For our survival, we can’t fight.
We don’t have strength, to show our might.
Nor do we wish to fight back,
As that cruelty is what we lack.

We have no accusations to make,
We only give, we never take.
Please let us live, is what we plead,
And we hope to this request, man will heed. “

The rain had stopped and so had I,
And a tear trickled down my eye
Cause my heart was heavy with disgrace
And with shame, I hid my face.

I had never imagined that man could be so cruel,
Towards one, who gave him food and fuel.
I still think in my solitude,
About my encounter with the speaking wood!!


Komal said...

nice one....
I guess you wrote this long back.....during our college days

Nidhi Kush said...

Hi Komal..thanks yaar! Yeah I had written this long time back...actually in school. Thought would post it on my blog! :)

Abhishek Gupta said...

Masterpiece from the queen of words .... I always thought Gujju was a child prodigy .. Now I will dethrone him to give you that title :)

Nidhi Kush said...

@Abhishek - Thank you hai ji :)