Friday, April 29, 2011

The Magical Words

It was 2 AM. And Nikita was tossing on her bed from one side to another. It was not new to her that she was not asleep at this time. On most situations she would either be reading a book or watching a movie. But today there was another reason for her insomnia. Her thoughts were keeping her awake. Definitely something was wrong!

She had an argument with her mother the last week! She was on ‘not-talking’ terms with her colleague! Her little sister didn’t want to talk to her. Her best friend had not called her for days after the last heated conversation they had! And so on! 

“Why is suddenly everyone so unhappy with me?”, she thought to herself! Unable to find any answers herself, she started doing what she loved the most –  she took out her old letters from her dearest people and started reading them. At least that will make me feel happy!”, she reflected! 

While going through the bundle, she found  a tattered letter from her grandfather. He had written this to her when she was in the 3rd grade. Carefully she opened the letter, as she was scared that it would tear at the folds. She had forgotten all about the content, but what intrigued her to read further was the title that her grandpa had given to the letter – ‘The Magical Words’. What could it be? She started reading it. It said,

Dear Niki,

Hope your exams went well? Did you enjoy reading the Fairy Tales book which I sent with mumma?

Well, today I am sending another gift with this letter. I am going to tell you the secret magical words! Yes! These are the words which fairies, elves, pixies and everyone else in the far far land use when they talk with each other. And you know what, they never fight. They never make anyone else feel bad with their words. They are friends forever and are very happy!

These magical words are “THANK-YOU”, “I am SORRY” and “PLEASE”! Whenever anybody does an act of kindness to you, say Thank-you. Whenever you know you are wrong or have fought with your friend say I am Sorry. And whenever you want something say Please. And say these words with all your feelings and you will realize that they will work wonders – just like magic! 

Remember to use the magical words next time you talk to someone!
Lots of love,


Nikita didn’t move. She had completed reading the letter but not the thought which her grandpa had sent her. She remembered that how as a kid., she had taken this message to heart and followed it and how it had worked like magic for her! And suddenly she knew the answer to the thought that had been keeping her awake. She had forgotten to use the magical words! 

And this is something which happens to many of us. As we grow, we somehow forget to use these magical words. Or even if we do, do we mean it? How many times have we genuinely apologized a friend whom we have hurt? How many times have we truly acknowledged and thanked the person who has helped us, maybe in the slightest manner? And how many times have we asked for something without taking the help for granted?

A slightest ‘Thank-you’, ‘Sorry” or ‘Please’ from the bottom of our hearts can work miracles – more than any other magical word like “Abracadabra”!!


Nikunj said...

Wow. brilliantly written. and a nice message. I assume with this you would be using thank you's and i am sorry's for me as well ?? ;) :)

Nidhi Kush said...

@Nikunj - Thank you for your feedback :)

Haresh Vora said...

You still follow/use the grandpaa's years old golden magic words.....see your coment above...!!!!!..Very nice .....

nikita said...

Hey nidhi...i randomly chanced upon your blog and i am happy i attention was immediately caught by the name of the character in this post, for obvious reasons ;) must say, its a well written piece..looking forward to more :) hope khush and you are doing well..where are you these days?
- nikita kudva

Nidhi Kush said...

Hi Nikita. Great to hear from you! :) Thank you for the compliments..and hope u likd the posts...will keep posting more :) v r fine. I am in A'bad these days. will be leaving for HK in first week June. How abt u?