Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, they say! But this is certainly not the message which the cosmetic companies want to give us! Showing advertisements where a girl with a snow-white-flawless-complexion is out there winning the world, is definitely sending out a wrong word to the masses.

For generations, great writers and poets have penned down beautiful and mesmerizing words to describe the beauty of a lady! However, today I have a poem, which I wrote during my first year at engineering, to express my definition of it!


They teased her calling dark and ugly,
And often made her cry
They offended, ignored and made fun
Of the girl, so timid and shy!

Never could she join their games
And was kept out of everything,
Longingly, she would watch them
Whey they used to dance and sing!

No one knew how she felt
No one saw her weep
But there was one person from whom,
Her secret, she could not keep!

Nothing was hidden from her mother,
However hard she tried to hide.
For a mother’s heart could tell her child’s smile,
And it would know when her child cried!

And so one day, when she could bear no more
She went to her daughter and said
“Come with me, I want to talk to you
And listen with your heart and head!

I know why you don’t talk for hours
Even when you have lots to say
I know why you sit alone, quite
When other children dance and play!

Don’t take to your heart, hurting words,
As they are not true
Whatever you have is God’s gift
Lovingly chosen for you!

Whatever may be the shape and colour
Beautiful, all flowers are.
Sometimes dim, sometimes bright
But a star is always a star!

You have a pure affectionate soul
And you always do your duty.
Your truthful eyes, and your innocent smile
Is what makes you a beauty!!”



JD said...

Beauty is truly what lies inside of a person. Agreed! but somehow the social culture does not allow us to see it that way. This cannot be the truth all da tyme! Very few people believe in real you, rare to find.

Nice post though!

Nidhi Kush said...

Hello JD. Thank you for your feedback. I agree that in most situations society does not allow us to have a different perspective all the time. However, I have tried to remind us in a small way!
Keep posting!